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Direct Bank Transfer

Please contact JFCS for bank transfer information, and thank you very much for your donation!  

Check Payment

Please send your check to JFCS, and thank you very much for your donation! 







Everyone deserves the simple joys that make life meaningful. A cake on your birthday, a new backpack and school supplies in August, a special meal at Thanksgiving, gifts for the holidays… In a community that’s fortunate to have abundance, we can help everyone have these simple pleasures regardless of their current circumstances.  JFCS’ Chesed (Kindness) Committee would appreciate your support by making a donation to provide both necessities and niceties as the seasons arrive.

DONATE Donors will have the option to designate during check-out how they want their funds to be used towards Chesed related activities.

ADOPT-A-FAMILY: Email us at jfcs@jfcslboc.org to share your interest in adopting a family this holiday season or complete the form below.