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Growing numbers of refugees, including Ukrainians, are coming to the greater Long Beach area. Because of their unexpected exodus to escape unspeakable horrors of war, threats to personal safety due to civil unrest, and the physical and emotional harm engendered by persecution, JFCS of Long Beach has created a Refugee Assistance Fund.  You will help women, men, and children whose lives have been senselessly uprooted, with food and necessities, financial assistance, counseling, and referral to resources from other area nonprofits. Our efforts will help stabilize them and diminish the uncertainty that exacerbates the trauma they have suffered. Proceeds from this fund are used by the JFCS Social Work and Older Adult Services staff solely to provide vital services to these children and families who need our support.  This assistance is given without regard for religion, race, gender identity, or national origin. To donate, click here or call JFCS at (562) 427-7916.