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domestic volilenceJFCS works collaboratively with the entire community to end abuse and domestic violence. Through group and individual counseling, JFCS helps survivors and their families gain both strength and independence.

“Healthy Relationships, Healthy Kids” is a 14-week course for women affected by domestic violence.  It allows participants to process their emotions as they are guided through an overview of the cycle of domestic violence  They will also examine the effects of abuse on themselves, and, if they are parents, on the children in their care.  Upon perfect attendance participants will receive a certificate of completion.  This course is approved by the court system and is free of charge.

JFCS also offers “Healing Through Art”, a monthly creative circle which seeks to create a window of time for safe, authentic self-expression via an art activity that helps participants process thoughts and feelings.  These unique projects seek to foster self-worth while channeling inner creativity.  It is free of charge and inclusive of all materials. For female survivors of trauma age 15 and up.

For more information contact us at (562) 427-7916.