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Older Adult Services1. Does JFCS provide services for individual adults, couples or families?

JFCS works with adults, couples and families one-on-one and in group settings to strengthen relationships and communication, cope with grief, trauma, loss and depression, manage anger and stress, and address any range of emotional issues.

2. Can I see a psychologist or psychiatrist at JFCS?

JFCS clinicians are either licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, or they are graduate and post-graduate trainees and associates.  All graduate or post-graduate clinicians are supervised by a licensed social worker or a licensed marriage and family therapist. However, we can provide referral to psychologists and psychiatrists in the Long Beach area.

3. Does JFCS provide services for children and teens?

JFCS provides a range of individual and group counseling for children and teens struggling with family, school, friends, learning disabilities, and emotional issues.  These include art and play therapy, school groups for at-risk children, and onsite counseling at schools.

4. What services does JFCS provide for older adults?

JFCS’ Social Work Department assists community members and older adults with information and referral services.  These services are within the Long Beach community and nearby cities. Our intention is to provide resources in order to improve the quality of the lives of our community.  JFCS internally offers low cost counseling, support groups, budget assessments, and provides information about other low cost services that might be available.  If you have questions, the JFCS social work team can provide a caller with education about fraud, current financial scams, and other issues that effect older adults.  We provide friendly calls to people who cannot leave their homes due to health issues and have a food bank on site for people who need immediate assistance with food.  All of our services are on a case by case basis and require an interview about current needs.

5. Do you help with rental assistance or housing?

No, JFCS does not help with housing; however, we can provide you with referrals to assist you in your search.

6. Do you have to be Jewish to utilize JFCS services?

Not at all. JFCS is available to everyone regardless of religion, race or ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender identity or sexual orientation, or immigration status.

7. What does counseling cost?

Our counseling service fees are based on a sliding scale determined by your monthly net household income and your current situation. They also vary according to the type of services you receive– individual, group, or joint sessions.

8. Do you accept insurance?

We accept Medi-Cal through MHN Health Net. Our sliding scale makes our services affordable to all.

9. I have never been to JFCS, but I would like to make an appointment. What should I do?

Please call us at (562) 427-7916 and we will arrange for an intake with one of our intake specialists. Once this intake is complete, a clinician will contact you to set up an appointment.

10. How soon after I call to set up an appointment will I get a call back?

You will be contacted within 3-5 business days.

11. How is a therapist chosen for me?

After an intake is completed you will be matched with a therapist that is best suited to meet your needs.

12. Can I make an appointment for my child?

Yes. Though anyone 12 and older is able to schedule for themselves, in general we prefer to include the parent or parents when scheduling appointments for children and adolescents.

13. If my child is being seen, will I communicate with their therapist?

Parents are included in the treatment of a child whenever possible and in cases where it is deemed helpful for the child. You will have access to your child’s therapist, but specific information from their session may not be shared due to confidentiality.

14. Can more than one member of my family come for therapy?

Yes, and each member would have their own individual therapist. A couple would generally have a different therapist if coming in individually as well.

15. How long is the typical course of treatment for therapy?

Therapy can take as long or as short as you find helpful.

16. Is there a specific type of therapy offered at JFCS?

Your needs will be assessed and the type of treatment will be selected following “best practices” in assisting you.

17. Does JFCS offer group therapy?

We offer both therapy and support groups. Check the website or contact us at (562) 427-7916 to inquire if you are interested in a particular group.

18. Do you offer court-approved domestic violence trainings?

Yes, JFCS offers court-approved domestic violence education and prevention trainings for female-identifying VICTIMS ONLY. Our training groups are held once a week for 14 weeks. Please contact our office at (562) 427-7916 to schedule an intake with our team.

19. Does JFCS offer Parenting Classes?

Not at this time. However, referrals can be given by calling our front office at (562) 427-7916.

20. Does JFCS offer Anger Management Classes?

Not at this time. However, referrals can be given by calling our front office at (562) 427-7916.

21. I am in need of emergency shelter. Does JFCS help with this?

JFCS does not offer low cost housing options. If you or someone you know  is unhoused, please contact the Long Beach Multi Service Center at.  An in-person visit can be made at their location.  It is advised to be there by 7am.

Long Beach Multi-Service Center
1301 W. 12th Street
Long Beach, California 90813
Phone: (562) 570-4500

22. Does JFCS provide in-home caregivers?

We provide referrals to licensed agencies for in-home caregivers. Those referrals can be obtained by calling our office at (562) 427-7916. We refer only to licensed agencies.