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Please note:  If you are registering and paying for others besides yourself, you will need to have the following information from them before you start:

  • Name
  • Address and City, State, Zip
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Email address
  • T-shirt sizes for all (Youth L and XL, Adult unisex sizes S through XXXXL)
  • Event they want to register for:

There are 5 events that are part of Race With A View:

5K Walk      5K Run      10K Walk     10K Run     Virtual Participant

Each member of your team or family can do a different event and still be part of your team

  1. In the navigation bar on the left of the homepage, scroll down and click on Teams or Family Plans, whatever is your choice.
  2. To create your team or family, click on either of the buttons that say Create a Family or Team. You will be directed to register yourself for the event that you want to participate in.  If you have participated in Race With A View in past years, you may see your name pop up when you click.  If so, click on that button and your info will automatically populate into the form.  Please take a moment to be sure it is all still correct.  Email addresses and mobile phone numbers in particular are very important so that you can receive communications from the race committee as the date gets closer or on the morning of the race if necessary.
  3. You are Registrant #1. Complete the basic information.
  4. Under Additional Information, all information with an asterisk (*) is required. Please know that we do not share this list with anyone.  The secret of your age and birth date is safe with us.  It is handy to have in case of emergency.
  5. Under Choose Your Event, pick the one you are most likely to participate in. If you change your mind it’s okay, but it’s helpful to the race committee if you come back to the website and change it.  Just click on the button to the left of the event.
  6. Add any other registrants that you are going to pay for. Then scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the question about if you are forming a team/family or joining one.  Click on Yes and then click Continue.
  7. Next you will see the Waiver. Please take the time to read it.
  8. If you are 18 years or older, follow the instructions and underneath the text with Waiver Agreement and your name, please enter your full name as it is written above.
  9. In the box to the right, click into the box and enter the text above, which is likely today’s date. Click Continue
  10. From here you can either create a team/family or join an existing team/family. Since you are creating a new team, put your cursor on the “Create a Team option and click.  Under Family or Team Type, click the arrow and choose whether you are a family or a team.  If you have children 17 and under, you’ll want to choose the family option to take advantage of their free registration.  Next, enter your Team or Family Name in the box.  If you want to enter a password to keep others from registering for your family if they are not family members, click on the blue button.  You must remember the password and you must give it to others who want to register as team or family members. We cannot retrieve the password for you!  Click Continue.
  11. In the next window, you get to select the size of your shirt. A 100% cotton short sleeve unisex t-shirt is included in your race registration. You can also opt out of receiving a shirt, which is the first option once you click on the arrow in the box marked “Select an Option”.  You will also see boxes for the name and phone number of an emergency contact just in case.  Please fill them in with valid information, preferably someone who has power of attorney for you.  Click Continue.
  12. In the next window, you are given the option to become a fundraiser for JFCS. You can create your own mini-URL and e-mail friends and family to support your participation with a pledge to JFCS.  If you want to fundraise click the box to the right and follow the instructions.  You can also give a donation to JFCS over and above your registration fee by entering the amount in the field labeled:  Donation Amount.  If you don’t want to sign up or donate right now, you can always change your mind and come back to sign up for it.  Scroll to the bottom and click Continue.
  13. In the next window, you are given the option to accept or decline your participation medal. Click on the arrow to indicate how many medals you would like.  The maximum number you can request is the number of people you are registering.  Click Continue
  14. Review your information to be sure it is all correct. Double check to be sure the shirt sizes are correct.  You can also add another registrant by clicking on the “Add Another Registrant” box below your information.  To the side you will see the Registration Cart.  It should reflect your event, your name, the amount to participate, and the optional additional donation to JFCS.
  15. If you are a sponsor, you will have received a coupon code to cover your complimentary registration. Click on the box underneath Coupon Code and enter it.  Then click “Apply”.
  16. Enter your credit card information. Click on “Confirm Payment.”