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“Thank you, JFCS, for being a common-sense resource that I need periodically.  It is as frustrating for us in Indiana as it is for your staff to deal with my sister in California.  Rest assured we will need you again.”

“Just wanted to say thank you to my therapist for all her help getting through the growth and change that I am going through.  Although it is sometimes painful and sad I am definitely growing into the positive and compassionate, kind, humble person that I have always wanted to be.  Her help has been the very best a person could wish for.”

“Our family and especially my son have been helped by JFCS for many years. My son has benefited from the advice he has received and also the support, over a long period of time. We are grateful to the many professionals who have been a source of strength in his life.”

“Your keen observation skills and case management abilities helped all of us, including mom, see that it was time for Assisted Living.  Mom’s quality of life has skyrocketed.”

“I would like to thank the career counseling support group for helping me “get there”. The group and our various sessions really helped me to realize my true priorities and focus on them regularly, in real times. Thank you for all of your help, openness, and sincere contributions during this difficult period of my life.”

“At this time in our country it is evident that things are a bit rough. And for your organization to be so generous at this time ignites hope and perseverance in the hearts of families like mine. Thank you all so much for your spirit of giving.”

“I want to thank you for the help. It really made the difference in my living when I asked for help…I want to thank JFCS. When I need some help, help is arriving. Thank you so much!”

“Just wanted to thank you for helping my family and myself. Without your help it would have been a longer, harder route to helping us find the shelter we needed so desperately. These are hard times for everyone so believe me when I say you have my gratitude.”

“When I first walked through the door, I was convinced that counseling did very little in terms of my overall health and that I did not really need it.  Looking back now, I was so wrong.  Thanks to my therapist, I feel like I can make it through anything, with help, of course.  My family sees the growth in me, and they too are so grateful.”

“This class [Domestic Violence Class – Healthy Relationships, Healthy Kids] helped a lot.  I was alone and felt unworthy when I started.  Coming here helped me open up, know I was not alone and stand up for myself.  I have improved my relationship with my daughter and have realized I am not a bad mother but have just made some mistakes.  I feel like I am a better mother now.”